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We visited the Ritz's over Christmas with most of Noreen's family. Check out the photos here.

I went out with Lonnie, Peter and Ken a couple of times in November to get some photos while they were hunting. No blood or guts, just some great pictures from southern Alberta. Check out the photos here.

We were on vacation in Alaska in July-August 2011 with Noreen's sister and her husband, Rita and Brian Raffety. Check out the photos here.

We drove Victoria's car across the country at the end of August and then flew back to Alberta. Victoria needed the car in Ottawa for school, but wanted to drive back with her friend Colin so we offered to do a road trip. We drove to Niagara Falls in 3 days from Airdrie and spend 2 days visiting Don's parents. A short, but satisfying trip! Check out the photos here.